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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Program

To have a successful program and maintain great support, a quality assurance program must exist.

CCS provides Quality Assurance Advisers for each program. Our advisers are trained and knowledgeable in how to provide great customer service, improve call flow, and educate agents on what they can improve on.

Every call is recorded and accessed randomly per agent for evaluation. We implement the best package that meets your needs. Quality has great importance in the customer service industry and we are providing the quality you need.

Customized Forms

You may customize this form and have our evaluators score accordingly. Each agent is scored using this form multiple times each week. They also meet weekly with an evaluator from the QA team. This time is used to review calls and coach the agent on any improvements.

However, it is also used for the agent to ask any questions or provide any feedback that we can use to improve support. Each form is weighted according to the account and agents must maintain 90% or higher to stay on the account. The QA team is also responsible for reviewing email and chat transcripts.

What Matters

Agents are graded on handle time, quality of support, grammar, and punctuation. Again, the QA form is used to grade them and allow the evaluator to coach on any improvements. The last line of assessment we offer is post-surveys. These can be given for phone, email, and chat and are a great feedback tool. This allows CCS and the client access to what really matters…the customer’s experience. These can be provided as needed.

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