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Setup of Your Account

During the setup of your account, CCS customizes your reporting for you to manage and understand how your account is doing.

We offer multiple formats and delivery of these reports which include answer and abandoned stats, talk time, agent utilization, and transcripts. The information reported is customizable based on what you need and how you need to see it.

Customizable Dashboard


The dashboard is a quick overview of what you are tracking, showing totals and averages as you see below. This can also be in charts, graphs, and/or tables.


The detail report is every detail of every interaction and what happened as a result of that interaction. We tag each call with a unique call ID, report the exact time stamp of the call, if it was answered or abandoned, the answer or abandon delay, the talk time, and a disposition of the call.


The cumulative report provides information by day, month, or agent, depending on the need. This allows you to see totals and averages for each data point.

Contact Complete Call Solutions today. We will determine a solution that meets the specific needs of your company. To get in touch with a team member today call (402) 204-5600 or send us a message.