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Social Media

Social Media Monitoring and Response

CCS provides a vast array or Social Media monitoring and response.

When responding to social networks, you have the ability to interact with customers in near real-time and on a personal level. Ensuring these responses drive resolution is vital to any business’ social marketing plan. When your customer service team monitors and responds to social networks, you are employing people with resolve mentalities to address complaints/issues posted on those social networks. It is still important for your Corporate Communications or Public Relations teams to monitor social networks as well, but Customer Service Representatives will ensure your customers’ problems are handled in a sufficient way to address the comments and alter the conversations.

Customer Service Representatives Will Help

A key way to stay in front of what is being said is to have a Customer Service Representative address the comments/questions. We can answer their questions while maintaining a high level of customer service. Our Customer Service Agents are the perfect people to do so; they have an in-depth knowledge of your product(s) and company while also having the service training to respond in a positive and proactive way.