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Personalized Email Management

CCS Enterprise Email Management for high-volume customer service is proven to increase the productivity of your agents by up to 75 percent.

That is because CCS Enterprise offers the only email management and Web management solution that fully automates the process of capturing, documenting, interpreting, routing and prescribing answers. Traditional customer service solutions are not designed to handle exponential increases in email inquiries, but our email management solution protects you from backlogs of unanswered requests, missed service levels and unhappy customers.

Use CCS Enterprise Email Management

  • Exceed service levels with intelligent message handling and automatically prescribed and scripted answers.
  • Respond to your customers faster and more consistently, with less agent training, through an extensive set of productivity tools and integration with knowledge management.
  • Keep sensitive interactions confidential with Secure Messaging.
  • Improve contact center performance with comprehensive and flexible reporting.
  • Easily handle long-term growth and spikes in email volume with a system proven to scale reliably to thousands of concurrent users and millions of simultaneous interactions.


Automated Message Handling

CCS Enterprise Smart Engagement uses configurable rules to interpret the content of messages and determine customer intent. The system uses the appropriate templates to automatically send personalized acknowledgements and replies. Then it intelligently routes messages to the right department, priority language and skill-based queues. Finally, it automatically suggests fully scripted answers to reduce the time agents need to generate a response.

High-Performance Desktop

CCS Enterprise Email Management includes a broad range of tools to boost agent productivity, including populating outgoing emails with most the likely solution, pre-filling replies that include context-specific customer data from your back-end systems, canned phrase selection, and a universal history that maintains the context of the service interactions across channels.

Your agents can include rich content, intelligent media and step-by-step instructions. This approach directs your customers to comprehensive answers while reducing response time, ensuring accuracy, improving first-contact resolution rates and, at the same time, encouraging customers to use self-service options in the future.

Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging enhances the CCS Enterprise Email Management solution by integrating with a secure Web portal. This lets you conduct confidential communications without the need for cumbersome encryption/decryption applications. Secure Messaging uses standard emails that include hyperlinks to a secure portal where confidential information is delivered after the recipient has been authenticated. Because information is safeguarded on the portal, customers can be sure their information is protected, encouraging them to use more cost-effective, always available e-channels for sensitive interactions.

Performance Monitoring

An easy-to-understand dashboard lets you identify queue trouble spots in real time, so supervisors can take action in time to affect the outcome — and your KPIs. Through the dashboard, supervisors can see open work, SLA breaches, completed work, handle time, first contact resolution, available resources, and more. They can then take action in real time, reassigning work and queue members to balance the workload as needed.

Enterprise Architecture

CCS Enterprise Email Management has been proven to manage up to 10 million emails a month. The robust architecture lets you use a single installation to support many lines of business and dispersed service operations. Queues, routing, business rules, auto-acknowledgements, reply templates, and reporting can be customized for each business unit. This approach to email management also lets you quickly introduce new lines of business.

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